On My Way

So far, so good!  Almost 17 hours without a cigarette and I don’t miss them a bit.  The hard times are when I’m at work but my commitment and faith is helping me stay focused.


The Big Day

Here’s the big day, Ash Wednesday.  I had my last cigarette last night at about 10:00PM, threw out the rest AND my lighters.  My wife and I are about to leave for Mass – my first as a Catholic Candidate on Ash Wednesday.


Last Day Smoking

Well, here we are, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday.  This is the last day that I will pollute my system with nicotine and the rest of cigarettes’ toxins.  I have an afternoon work shift and will go in shortly.  I’m on my last pack of smokes.  I’m not going to miss the smell, stains, having to chew gum, etc.  I’m also looking forward to fully tasting food again!  I’ll make more preparations tonight and pray for strength.  Please pray for me as I begin this journey.  Thank you.


Why Lent?

Why wait ’til Lent, you ask?  Well, that’s a good question and to understand the answer you have to know a little bit about me.  By the time I was born, the youngest of eight, my father was a Southern Baptist Minister.  I was raised and taught in a Christian home.  I believe in Jesus Christ as documented in the Bible.  I was Baptized in 1965 at the tender age of 6.  I married my wife last October.  She comes from a wonderful family and they are Roman Catholic.  I came to the decision last November that I would convert and become Catholic.  So, you see, this will be my first Lent season as a Catholic.

I have quit smoking several times, only to revert back to it within a few days.  Smoking is definitely something that I can do without and the experience of the Lent season and the idea that we fast in faith to God and give SOMETHING up, tie this all together and I know that I can find the will to resist the addiction to nicotine and overcome the habit.

Getting Ready

Well, here I am – I’m really going to quit.  I’m going to quit for good reasons: health, faith, family, I could go on for quite some time.  My inspiration stems from my wife, Corrie.  She inspires me to excel and be the best person possible.  Then there’s my daughter, Stephanie.  She’s an awesome young woman.  Then there’s my friends, too many to name but I’ll mention one: Oma Viles.  Oma is a fellow member of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and he just quit recently.  When I announced my intention to quit for Lent on our Bulletin Board System, he e-mailed me privately, offering me support and giving me online resources.  That kind of help is priceless!

Well, Sunday is three days away so I have preparations to make.  I’ll write more later.